Artista De Wei, Marzo 2014

march 2014

  • Name: De Wei Liu
  • Age: 8
  • School: Beijing JingTong School, Beijing City, China
  • Favorite School Subjects: Chinese and Drawing
Artista De Wei
De Wei lives on the 5th floor of his building in Beijing. The capital of China, it has a very dense population. At home, De Wei and his family speak Chinese; he is also learning English. In his free time, De Wei likes drawing, reading, and watching science and education programs on TV. He also likes classical music and plays the trombone. If De Wei had the chance to host visitors from another country, he would take them to eat Beijing roast duck and visit the Great Wall, Palace Museum, or Summer Palace. And if De Wei could visit anywhere, it would be Thailand, to see the blue sky, the sea, and beach.