Artista Mifrah Raiz, Junio 2015

june 2015

  • Name: Mifrah Raiz
  • Age: 8
  • School: Malek Faad Islamic School, Sydney, Australia
  • Favorite Sport:
Artista Mifrah Raiz

Mifrah lives with her mom, dad, and younger sister in Sydney, Australia. They celebrate holidays, like Eid Festival, by getting together in a park or beach and barbequing. While at the park, she may see a kangaroo, koala, or wombat. At home, her family speaks English but she is also learning Tamil, which is her parents’ mother tongue.

In her free time, Mifrah loves to make crafts, draw, and ride her bike. Her favorite foods are spaghetti and lasagna. But if an exchange student from another country came to stay with her family, she would serve them biryani, a rice dish with spices and meat or vegetables.