Artista Shivesh Pranav Prasad, Enero 2014


  • Name: Shivesh Pranav Prasad
  • Age: 6
  • School: Labasa Sanaam Primary School, Labasa, Fiji Islands
  • Favorite Music: Hindi Classical Music

Artista Shivesh Pranav Prasad

Shivesh lives in Labasa, a town in the Fiji Islands where the beaches are full of white sand, lots of coconut palms, and a cool breeze. During his free time, Shivesh enjoys reading, drawing, and playing computer games. He also plays the harmonium and keyboard. If Shivesh were to share a meal with a visitor from another country, he would serve lovo (food cooked in an earth oven), fish in lolo (coconut cream), pun and curry as well as Indian sweets with local fruits. Shivesh thinks Fiji is a very beautiful and peaceful country, and that Fiji is the way the world should be.