Artista Tess Hampton, Febrero 2015


  • Name: Tess Hampton
  • Age: 9
  • School: Woodland Acres Elementary, Houston Texas, USA
  • Favorite Season: 
Artista Tess Hampton

Tess lives in Texas where it is hot and humid. She lives in a house with her parents, two brothers, one sister, and her dog. At home, she speaks English, and she also speaks English and Spanish in all of her classes at school.

Tess loves to read, swim and draw. She’d like to be a teacher one day. At school, she likes when her class visits the library.

If you came to visit Texas, Tess would serve you Texas Chili, a spicy stew with meat and beans. She would take you to visit the Houston Zoo and the Museum of Fine Arts. If Tess could travel to another country, she would choose Ireland.