Artista Thanawat Joemwatthana, Febrero 2016


  • Name: Thanawat Joemwatthana
  • Age: 7
  • School: Bansillapa School, Udonthani, Thailand
  • Favorite Subject: Art
Artista Thanawat Joemwatthana

Thanawat lives in Udonthani, a city with a tropical climate. He speaks Thai at home and is learning English and Chinese at school. He has a fishpond in his backyard and it’s his job to feed them every day.

In his free time, Thanawat loves to draw and cycle. He’s learning to play piano and his favorite type of music is pop.

According to Thanawat, Thailand is known for its delicious food and beautiful beaches. He would serve an exchange student Tom Yum Kung because it is a very popular soup and take them to Ban Chiang Archaeological Site, Nong Pra Jak Park, and Udonthani Museum.