Artista Victor Miguel Bravo, Octubre 2016

october 2016

  • Name: Victor Miguel Bravo
  • Age: 6
  • School: México, Los Reyes Acaquilpan, México
  • Favorite Sport: Boxing
Artista Victor Miguel Bravo

Victor lives in Mexico City (Ciudad de México), the capital of Mexico, with his parents and brother. He enjoys watching TV, playing outside, and listening to music. His favorite movie is The Avengers.

Victor walks to school every day and enjoys playing with his best friend, Elian. For lunch, he usually eats “torta jamón,” which is a ham sandwich. He would serve a visitor tacos, as his country is known for them.

According to Victor, the most interesting person from Mexico is Chespirito, a screenwriter, actor, comedian, director, songwriter, and author. One day, Victor would like to visit New York.