Toothbrush song popular among children
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Dental Music: Songs About Teeth Your Kids Will Love

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Have you ever thought about creating your own dental music that will encourage your children to engage in good oral care habits? With piggyback songs, it's an easy task. Piggyback songs take the tunes of traditional songs and combine them with words specifically adapted to make the song connect to a teachable concept. Parents and caregivers can use these songs as a fun way to teach brushing, flossing and good dental hygiene. Young children love this song method and learn well by repetition.

Good habits start young, so it's important for children to realise they are the primary caretakers of their teeth. Using songs as a reminder that it's time to brush and floss teeth is something you and your child can do together each day. Since dental cavities are one of the most prevalent diseases among children, make sure your routines are set.

Here are a few songs to get you started:

My Toothbrush (sung to the tune of The Noble Duke of York)

My toothbrush is a tool.

I use it every day.

I brush and brush and brush and brush,

To keep cavities away.

It's up and up and up,

Then down and down and down.

The brush goes up and down each time

To keep decay away.

Brushing Teeth (sung to the tune of Jingle Bells)

Scrub your teeth, scrub your teeth,

Do it night and day.

Make them shiny, make them bright,

To keep the cavities away.

Flossing teeth, flossing teeth,

Do it every day.

This is the way we floss our teeth,

To keep the cavities away.

It's Time to Brush Our Teeth (sung to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)

Here's my toothpaste, here's my brush,

Cleaning teeth and please don't rush.

Back, front and in-between,

Let's make sure our teeth are clean.

Hum Happy Birthday and brush a while.

Shiny teeth make a happy smile!

The use of fun dental tunes will help your children enjoy the act of taking care of their teeth, in addition to being better reminders than nagging. In the end, everyone will be happy when the dentist says, "Look mum, no cavities!"