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Colgate Device Warranty Terms

Last Updated: April 2022 

This product comes with a standard warranty period of 1 year from the date of purchase. For extended warranty of an additional 6 months, you must register at within 1 week of purchase. You will receive a confirmation as proof of successful product registration. Retain proof of purchase for product warranty. 

If your product is defective during the warranty period, we will replace it. After replacement, the warranty period is still calculated from the date of initial purchase. The warranty period does not include refills (brush heads, water flosser heads or whitening pens), or damage due to improper use (any use that does not comply with user manual instructions and warnings) or wear and tear due to normal use. For more specific instructions on how to obtain warranty service on your product, please contact Customer Service here: 1-800-883-918

Exclusions and Limitations 

Warranty is void if:

  1. Product has been tampered by unauthorized maintenance,destruction of the product  misuse or improper use not according to user manual of the product, submerged into liquid, modification or alteration of the product, or torn, damaged, altered product labels, anti-counterfeiting signs, product serial numbers, etc. 

  2. Failure to use, repair and maintain as required by the  user manual of the product

  3. Damage to products and accessories are due or partly due to usage not according to user manual of the product

  4. Damage caused by force majeure such as food, fire, lightning strike etc

  5. The use of non-Colgate product accessories, resulting in product failures or accidents

The product warranty applies only to the original purchase of the product from an authorised reseller or sales channel, manufactured by or for Colgate and to products bearing the  authorised “Colgate” trademark, trade name or logo affixed to it. 


No Colgate reseller, distributor, agent or employee is authorised to make any modification, extension, or addition to this product warranty.