meridol® Chlorhexidine (CHX)

highly effective gum health
solutions for short-term use

meridol parodont expert

For people with acute gum problems, meridol® provides a solution with Chlorhexidine (CHX)

CHX 0.12% mouthrinse

meridol® CHX 0.12% mouthrinse

meridol parodont expert

tab rose  Clinically proven to1:

tab rose  reduce bacterial plaque

tab rose  help reduce gum problems

tab rose  reduce formation of chlorhexidine-related stains

tab rose  Mint flavour supporting compliance

tab rose  Without alcohol* known to irritate the mucous membrane

meridol® CHX 0.12% mouthrinse
with unique Anti-Stain technology

meridol® CHX 0.12% mouthrinse combines CHX with sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP), sodium lauryl sulfat (SLS) and oloxamer to effectively deliver CHX to all mouth surfaces. STTP is predominantly attracted to the tooth surface, acting as a shield against dietary pigments. This enables CHX to exercise its antibacterial efficacy while staining is reduced.

Strong efficacy
with less staining1

9.2x less

At week 4 in bacterial plaque reduction1

Significantly less staining1

9.2x less

Less staining
after 4 weeks1

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* Plaque bacteria, ‘fast’ confirmed in lab, ‚long-lasting‘ with continued use., # Plaque bacteria, with continued use., μ Vs a fluoridated mouthrinse and toothpaste without Zinc Lactate. § Vs regular fluoridated toothpaste. 1 Vs a fluoridated toothpaste (1400 ppm F- as NaF) without Amine and Zinc Lactate. Daep C, Dec. 2022, data on file., 2 After 6 months continued use vs regular fluoride toothpaste (MFP/NaF). Triratana, Thailand, 2022., 3 At 6 months with continued use vs fluoridated mouthrinse (250 ppm F- as NaF), data on file, Dec 2021., 4 Home use test with meridol® Gum Protection toothpaste, 239 users, Germany, September 2022.