fast antibacterial effect with long-lasting protection*

Fights the cause

Fights the cause
Fights the cause of gum problems#

Support gums natural defenses

Supports gums natural defenses and helps to protect against recurrence of gum problems#

Great experience

Great experience
with a gel texture, pleasant taste and mouthfeel

meridol® - superiorμ dual active technology
that fights the cause of gum problems

meridol® toothpaste and mouthrinse with the highly effective combination of amine and zinc helps prevent gum problems.

The dual active formula with amine and zinc has an effective antibacterial efficacy. Activated from first use, amine and zinc work together to act fast* against plaque bacteria, weakening its membrane integrity. Zinc builds a protective layer to inhibit microorganisms regrowth. With regular use, it provides long lasting protection and keeps gums healthy.

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meridol® technology antibacterial efficacy you can see1

The antibacterial efficacy of meridol® of bacterial plaque biofilm could
be shown in Vitro after a single use by using fluorescence microscopy.

In vitro fluorescence confocal microscopy under a 20x magnification after a single use.1

Control toothpaste
(1400 ppm F- as NaF)

control toothpaste

meridol® toothpaste

Meridol toothpaste

dead microorganisms dead microorganisms

live microorganisms live microorganisms

Great clinical results2,3

meridol gum health toothpaste

meridol® toothpaste

12x more plaque reduction after 6 months2

meridol gum health mouthwash

meridol® mouthrinse

6.8x more plaque reduction after 6 months3

Upgrade§ peoples’ gum health with meridol®

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Scientist smiling while holding her tablet

* Plaque bacteria, ‘fast’ confirmed in lab, ‚long-lasting‘ with continued use., # Plaque bacteria, with continued use., μ Vs a fluoridated mouthrinse and toothpaste without Zinc Lactate. § Vs regular fluoridated toothpaste. 1 Vs a fluoridated toothpaste (1400 ppm F- as NaF) without Amine and Zinc Lactate. Daep C, Dec. 2022, data on file., 2 After 6 months continued use vs regular fluoride toothpaste (MFP/NaF). Triratana, Thailand, 2022., 3 At 6 months with continued use vs fluoridated mouthrinse (250 ppm F- as NaF), data on file, Dec 2021., 4 Home use test with meridol® Gum Protection toothpaste, 239 users, Germany, September 2022.