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Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection toothpaste launched in 1969 and is now better than ever. 

The brand most loved by people over the world has just reinvented itself 

To make you stronger

According to global research, nearly 70% of South African children under the age of six have suffered from dental cavities. Sadly, this can have an impact on their wellbeing, causing them to miss school and experience difficulties eating and sleeping – key factors in the child’s social development. Dental cavities are caused by the consumption of foods that are rich in sugar or starch. Through the accumulation of dental plaque germs, the food then gets converted into acids which weaken the tooth structure over time.

So it’s more important now than ever that we strengthen our fight against cavities, to give our children a future to smile about.

Fluoride has been a key component of toothpaste for over 50 years, targeting the tooth itself to help make it stronger and working by helping to prevent mineral loss and enhance mineral gain by being incorporated into the tooth as fluorapatite. However, it has proven to help protect against cavities to an extent, but not enough to eradicate them.  With the incorporation of arginine, Colgate has established a toothpaste technology that targets the true cause of cavities, the plague germs, a technological advance that should be considered the new gold standard for cavity protection worldwide.

Plaque contains bad germs that can metabolise sugar to produce acids, in turn these acids cause mineral loss and weaken the teeth. The power of arginine lies in the fact that it helps feed the good flora and weaken the effects of the bad germs, allowing the new formula to offer clinically proven enamel protection with 4x more enamel strengthening power*.

*Best cavity protection and mineral gain vs previous fluoride formula

As the global leader in Oral Care we continue to be committed to making the best scientific and technology advances available to all


Our Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection toothpaste helps with: 

  1. Almost 2X more effective* (vs regular fluoride toothpaste)

  2. Up to 50% reduction in early cavities* (vs regular fluoride toothpaste)

  3. Up to 20% less new cavities* (vs regular fluoride toothpaste)

Colgate Naturals

The new Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection toothpaste is available now at all major retailers in South Africa.


We have also ensured that our new formula with Fluoride + Arginine is available in a size to fit every smile:

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Maximum Cavity Protection 50ml


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Maximum Cavity Protection 100ml


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