Colgate Herbal Strong Teeth & Healthy Gums

Strong Teeth &
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Strong Teeth &
Healhty Gums

Colgate Herbal

Colgate Herbal 

Looking for strong teeth and healthy gums? Look no further than Colgate’s Herbal range. Colgate Herbal is scientifically proven to provide you and your family with naturally stronger teeth and healthier gums. 


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Scientifically proven Herbal formula

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Stronger Teeth

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Healthier gums

Nature’s best herbs combined with Colgate’s advanced oral care science will provide you and your family with a healthier smile. Our Herbal formula contains Eucalyptus which is known to prevent tooth decay and gum problems, Myrrh, which is known to help promote gum health, Sage, which is known to neutralize microbes that promote dental plaque, and Chamomile which is known for its relaxing properties.



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