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How Electric Toothbrushes Help Treat Receding Gums

Receding gums are a common oral health issue. However, that does not mean they should be taken lightly. Left untreated, receding gums can lead to a variety of oral health problems, apart from being frustrating and uncomfortable. Fortunately, an electric toothbrush might treat and prevent receding gums. 


What are receding gums?


Receding gums, also known as gum or gingival recession, is a common oral health problem that can occur when the gum tissues' margin wears away or pulls away from the teeth. 

This can leave the tooth roots and bone structure exposed, which become a breeding ground for bacteria. The trapped bacteria can damage the tooth structure and cause sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks, as well as an increase in bad breath. In severe cases, it may also result in tooth loss!

What causes receding gums?


There are many contributing factors for gum recession, including poor oral hygiene, over-aggressive brushing, smoking and plaque build-up.

Other common causes of gum receding are :


  • Periodontal disease could be an infection of the tissues that support the teeth.

  • Trauma to the gums, such as from a sharp edge on a tooth or dental restoration.

  • Flossing too roughly or using a hard-bristled toothbrush.

  • Genetics. Some people are simply more prone to gum recession than others.

  • Hormonal changes, such as those that occur during pregnancy or menopause.

  • Ageing, as the gum tissues, become thinner and less elastic as you age.

  • Treatment with certain medications, such as high blood pressure medication or steroids.

  • Vitamin C deficiency can be caused by eating a poor diet or problems with absorption.

How can electric toothbrushes help treat receding gums?


Here are three ways in which electric toothbrushes can help to improve gum health and reverse the effects of gum recession.

Plaque Control: Electric toothbrushes are much more effective at removing plaque and bacteria from the teeth than manual toothbrushes. An 11-year cohort study claims that electric toothbrushes seem to effectively reduce mean probing depth (which reflects a patient's ability to maintain optimal plaque control). 

Promote Gum Health: The above study also stated that electric toothbrushes had been shown to stimulate blood flow and promote healthy gum tissue growth, more than manual toothbrushes.

Check inflammation and irritation: Electric toothbrushes are also better in reducing gum inflammation than manual toothbrushes, as they offer gentle brushing modes. 

They can help to improve your overall oral hygiene habits, as they are more effective at reaching all the surfaces of the teeth.


How to brush with an electric toothbrush if you have receding gums?


If you have receding gums, brushing your teeth correctly with an electric toothbrush is essential. Here are a few tips:


  • Avoid brushing too hard – this can cause further damage to the gums and may worsen the recession.

  • Use a soft bristle electric toothbrush – this will be gentle on the gums and will help to remove plaque and bacteria effectively.

  • Brush for two minutes, twice a day – make sure to brush all the surfaces of the teeth, including the gum line, to get rid of all the plaque.


Using an electric toothbrush can be a great way to help improve gum health and reverse the effects of the recession. However, it is essential to seek advice from a dental professional.


What is the best electric toothbrush for receding gums? 


There are a number of different electric toothbrushes that are designed to be gentle on your gums. Some of the things to look out for are a soft-bristled head, adjustable speed settings, non-slip grip, multiple cleaning modes, replaceable heads, easy charging or replaceable batteries, and more. 

But if you are not sure which toothbrush is right for you, try the Colgate Electric Toothbrush that is designed explicitly for gum care. This sonic toothbrush will help you tailor your brushing routine to your dental needs with 33 custom combinations. 

This electric toothbrush has a number of features that make it ideal for reducing gum recession, including:


  • An ultra-compact Gum Care head with extra soft bristles exert less pressure on the gums.

  • The 0.01 mm ultra-slim tapered bristles provide deep and gentle cleaning.

  • Four modes to cater to your unique brushing needs

  • A pressure sensor monitors the strength of your brushing and alerts if you apply too much force. 

  • Around 30,000 pulsations per minute to remove plaque and bacteria effectively.

  • Smart coaching function with a quad pacer that pulses when it is time to move to the next quadrant so that no spot is missed

  • The tongue cleaner will remove harmful breath bacteria for fresher breath. 

  • It will also improve your brushing habits and cleaning efficacy, as it is an electric toothbrush with a timer. 

  • This rechargeable toothbrush has a long-lasting battery life, with 15 days use on a 4-hour charge.

  • An ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip



If you are suffering from receding gums, using an electric toothbrush can be a great way to help improve your gum health. They help remove plaque and bacteria from teeth and gums, which can help reverse receding gums.

If you are experiencing symptoms of receding gums, speak to a dental professional about switching to an electric toothbrush. An electric toothbrush may not cure receding gums on its own, but it can be an important part of the treatment plan.