A girl brushing her teeth, showcasing light purple foam from Colgate Optic White Purple Toothpaste.

Why Stop at Purple Shampoo? Extend Color Correction to Your Smile with Purple Toothpaste!

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Embracing the magic of purple shampoo has revolutionized hair care, offering a brilliant solution for unwanted brassy yellow tones. But why should the magic stop with your hair? It's time to introduce a groundbreaking addition to your beauty regimen: Colgate® Optic White® Purple Toothpaste.

Hello, Purple Shampoo, Hello Purple Toothpaste!

Colgate Optic White Purple Toothpaste highlighted with sunbeam graphics, emphasizing its whitening power.

Purple shampoo works wonders for hair by using color theory to neutralize brassy tones. Similarly, Colgate® Optic White® Purple Toothpaste applies the same principle to give your smile a radiant boost. It's perfect for anyone who appreciates the impact of color correction in their beauty routine.

The Science Behind the Smile

Inspired by the science of color, Colgate® Optic White® Purple Toothpaste is designed with Purple Brighteners, providing an instant^ color-correction effect to combat yellow tones on your teeth. Combined with Micro-Polishing Crystals**, it removes surface stains, leaving your teeth looking bright and beautiful. The formula is enamel safe#, making it a perfect choice for everyday use.

Integrate the Innovation into Your Daily Routine

Switching to Colgate® Optic White® Purple Toothpaste is easy. Just use it as you would your regular toothpaste. It's a simple change that can significantly enhance your overall look and boost your confidence, with all the dental health benefits you trust from Colgate.

Benefits That Go Beyond Whitening

Creative illustration of a tooth using purple shampoo, symbolizing the concept of color correction.

Colgate® Optic White® Purple Toothpaste isn't just about looking good. It also offers comprehensive oral care, including cavity protection and fresh breath, ensuring your teeth are healthy and your smile is always ready to shine.

Ready for a Brighter Smile?

If you're already in love with the benefits of purple shampoo, why not extend those perks to your smile? Colgate® Optic White® Purple Toothpaste brings the innovative power of color correction from your hair care to your dental care, uniting beauty and health in the most innovative way.

With Colgate® Optic White® Purple Toothpaste, embracing a beauty hack that lets you shine instantly is now easier than ever. Say goodbye to yellow and hello to a radiant smile, making this toothpaste an essential part of your daily beauty routine.

^For temporary efficacy

**High cleaning silica

#When used as directed