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Lipstick Color For Whiter Teeth: How Makeup Can Help Brighten Your Smile

Everyone wants a bright white smile, but most teeth whitening solutions need some time to work. Using a whitening toothpaste can help remove deep set teeth stains below the tooth's surface for a whiter smile.  But what if you don’t have the time?  Especially here in the Philippines where traffic is bad!  

Luckily, some of the best ways to instantly brighten your smile can be found right in your makeup bag! Knowing the right lipstick color for whiter teeth (and some other teeth-brightening make-up tricks) can help you see a brighter smile while your oral hygiene routine is slowly working its magic.

A Pop of Color

Your lip color draws out certain hues in your skin tone. Just as deep berry shades flatter the beautiful morena skin tones and cool pinks are a match to lighter skin tones, the lip color you choose can make your teeth look whiter in comparison. Avoid any lip color with gold, yellow or orange undertones, which provide little contrast and can actually give the illusion of a yellow cast on your teeth. Instead, the best lipstick color for whiter teeth is any shade with blue undertones, like a true cherry red or even a blue-toned plum.

Natural Beauty

Color balance isn't just for your lips. Every skin tone has different undertones, writes self, usually categorized as warm, cool or neutral. If your skin has warm undertones, you might tend toward an orange or peachy color for blush, but choosing a bright pink can have the same teeth-whitening effect as a bright red lipstick. Sweep the blush along your cheekbones and the perimeter of your face to give your teeth a bright boost.

Silver Shimmer

If you're not into colorful lipsticks, don't worry: you can still make your teeth look sparkling white with a subtle lip gloss instead. Just look for a lip gloss that has a silver shimmer rather than gold. The cooler silver tones and a little bit of shine can help brighten your smile without adding any extra lip color. Light pink glosses with a hint of silver sparkle can also help brighten up your smile. Or, add a silver shimmer gloss on top of your lip color of choice for a dazzling look. 

Bright Eyes

When you draw attention to your eyes (and use the right eye shadow shade), you can take attention away from teeth that are less than sparkling white, says Women's Health magazine. Look for darker blue-toned colors that offer contrast between your eyes and your teeth. Navy shadow is a modern swap for gray or brown, while plum eyeliner can bring out the white in your teeth and the sparkle in your eyes. Avoid orange-toned eyeshadows, and finish your look with black or navy mascara.

The best way to whiten your teeth is to remove surface stains with twice-daily tooth brushing, and to talk to your dentist about professional whitening options. But if you need the illusion of a brighter smile now, makeup makes for a quick fix that can help you feel gorgeous and totally confident in your smile. By knowing which colors flatter your skin and your teeth, you can see instant results while you work on longer-term solutions.