Colgate® Advanced White

Tooth stains, cavities and plaque. These are three big offenders when it comes to keeping your confident smile. 

That’s where Colgate Advanced Whitening comes in. Its formula is armed with micro-cleaning crystals that effectively remove surface stains to provide whiter teeth in two weeks. And on top of your whiter smile, with regular use it also helps to keep plaque and cavities at bay. This advanced toothpaste means a bright smile for you, and a dark day for bacteria.


  • Clinically proven to provide whiter teeth in as short as 14 days*
  • Contains Micro-Cleaning Crystals that effectively remove surface stains to restore and maintain their natural whiteness
  • With regular use, it also removes plaque and fights cavities keeping teeth healthy while making them whiter

* results may vary depending on tooth condition
* vs. regular non-whitening toothpaste
* with twice a day brushing; based on a 14-day clinic test

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