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How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

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Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that changes the color of your teeth. It generally involves using bleaching products on your teeth to make them look whiter. Now, the question is, how much does teeth whitening cost? Keep reading to find out!

What causes tooth discoloration?

It is not unusual for teeth to become discolored over time. There are many reasons teeth might begin to look yellow, brown, or greyish. For example;

  • Smoking cigarettes can cause teeth to look darker and more yellow over time. 

  • Drinking coffee, tea, or red wine may stain your teeth because they are acidic and can break down the enamel on your teeth. 

  • Eating foods high in sugar or starch can cause teeth to become stained a yellowish color. 

  • Aging can also cause teeth to become darker as the dentin, which is the layer of the tooth under the enamel, starts to show through.

How much does teeth whitening cost?

The cost of teeth whitening will vary depending on the treatment you choose. The good thing is that there are so many options for you to consider, you will find one within your budget. 

There are two main teeth whitening procedures: in-office dental treatments and at-home teeth whitening.  At-home teeth whitening kits are an affordable option as most whitening kits cost less than ₱9,000. Apart from being affordable, another reason for their popularity is their availability and ease of use. 

In-office dental treatments cost anywhere from ₱9,000 to ₱20,000 (charges vary between dentists)for full teeth whitening treatment. Many people prefer in-office teeth whitening since they feel it provides better results, despite higher charges.

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Costs of common at-home teeth whitening kits and products

Most over-the-counter teeth whiteners cost less than seven thousand Philippine pesos, making them more affordable. However, keep in mind that the cost of these products varies with the kind of results they deliver, whitening method, ingredients used, and more.

Here are the individual cost ranges for at-home teeth whitening kits. 



Colgate Optic White O2 Toothpaste with Active Oxygen Whitening Technology

Whitening toothpaste

Teeth whitening toothpaste usually costs between ₱20 and ₱400. The Colgate® Optic White O2 Toothpaste uses whitening accelerators to safely exfoliate stains and polish teeth surfaces.

Whitening trays

Whitening trays can also brighten your smile and are typically used with whitening solution. The gel is inserted into the tray, and then the tray is fitted over your teeth, and then it sits on your teeth for a while. Whitening trays can be used both at the dentist’s or at home. It keeps your teeth whitening costs less than a few hundred Singapore dollars.

Colgate LED and Pen Teeth Whitening Products on the bathroom sink

LED Teeth Whitening Trays

Whitening products like LED teeth whitening pens and trays use blue or indigo light to activate the whitening agents in teeth whitening serums. Many people are welcoming this home kit method for better results of LED treatment and complementing this together with daily whitening care. 

At-home whitening LED devices can be cost-effective vs in-office dental treatments. Although more expensive vs toothpaste/strips, they deliver the highest efficacy and can be more efficient. 

Home whitening LED devices are a more cost-effective way to get whiter teeth than in-office treatments. Not only do they work faster, but you don't have the hassle of going back again later on during your day for another session, and use your time and money smartly. 

Colgate LED teeth whitening kit includes the patented indigo light teeth whitening device that uses the technology that professionals use.


Whitening strips

Whitening strips

If you're looking for teeth whitening that can be done quickly and easily, whitening strips may be a good option for you. Whitening strips work by sticking to your teeth and slowly releasing bleaching agents over the tooth surface. This method of teeth bleaching typically costs between a few hundred to a thousand pesos.


Woman using the Colgate teeth whitening pen

Teeth whitening pens

A teeth whitening pen uses a hydrogen peroxide-based serum or gel to improve the shade of the teeth. The process is simple and easy, and you can get rid of stains in hard-to-reach places with these fantastic new products. Just paint the whitening gel/film onto each tooth and let it do its thing over the specified amount of time. Furthermore, teeth whitening pens have the advantage of reaching every nook and corner of your mouth. This would cost between a few hundred to a thousand pesos. 

 Colgate teeth whitening pen works based on the active oxygen technology, forming the condensed hydrogen peroxide film that whitens your teeth while you are sleeping.

Teeth whitening alternatives

If you're looking for teeth whitening products that don't use chemicals, there are some teeth whitening alternatives to consider.



A favorite amongst vloggers, teeth veneers can be an option if  teeth whitening doesn't provide the results you're looking for. Veneers are a thin porcelain dental procedure placed on teeth to change their color or shape. This teeth whitening treatment cost ranges around ₱20,000 per tooth (charges vary between dentists and cities). Remember that veneers are a more expensive teeth treatment option and typically require a dental appointment.

discolored teeth before bonding
Teeth after tooth whitening bonding to repair the chipped tooth

Dental bonding

Dental bonding is another treatment that can change the color or shape of teeth. This procedure uses a resin material bonded to teeth and then sculpted into the desired shape. Dental bonding typically costs at least Php 1,000 per tooth.

Risks involved in teeth whitening procedures

Apart from estimating the teeth whitening cost, it's important to keep in mind that there are some risk factors you need to check for, to ensure safe treatment.

These risks may include:

  • Damage to the teeth

  • Increased sensitivity to hot and cold 

  • Tooth decay 

  • Gum irritation 

Therefore it is always recommended to check with your dentist for safety and possible side effects of any at-home or in-clinic treatments.

Summing up

We have explored a range of options for your dazzling smiles with white teeth. You can do this by whitening them with a pen, or you may consider having a dentist-initiated procedure done at the office. Either way, it will be worth it as long as you follow these four steps.

  • First, start using toothpaste that contains healthy ingredients for added benefits.

  • Second, brush twice a day but not too hard.

  • Thirdly, use dental floss every single night before bedtime.

  • Fourth, use a whitening pen and device to complete the whitening regiment and enjoy the technology that professionals use at home. 

  • Lastly (and most importantly), see your dentist regularly for professional cleaning services.

Your smile should then look whiter than ever in no time flat. How much does teeth whitening cost? The answer is up to you!


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