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Plaque Attack

For children ages 5-6

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We're finally on our journey. Listen well to what I say!
This is what you need to know to help us save the day:
Our mouths contain bacteria . . . and when it meets your food
This creates an acid. "That doesn't sound so good!"

It makes a sticky substance every time you snack.
The substance causes cavities – the official name is plaque.
And snacking too often creates a plaque attack.

We brush with flouride toothpaste when it's plaque we're up against. It helps to keep your teeth strong – it's our first defense.

Brush at least twice a day to help keep cavities away.
The more times you snack – the more plaque can attack.

"So should we snack less?"
Yes! Yes! Yes!
"We can keep teeth healthy?"
That's what brushing's for!
And snacking too often creates a plaque attack.

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