All Adult Orthodontics Information

  • Are White Braces Right For You?

    Know more about ceramic braces that may help you choose the braces right for you and your lifestyle. Learn more from Colgate Singapore today.
  • Adult Braces Before and After: What to Expect When They Come Off

    Adult braces before and after can be nerve-wracking. Here's what to expect when your braces finally come off, and how to keep your teeth straight.
  • Tips For Adults With Braces

    Find information on orthodontics for adults, including alignment, preventative treatments and maintenance of braces, from the Colgate Oral Care Center.
  • How to straighten teeth: Three proven methods

    A beautiful smile not only boosts self-confidence, but it can impact the overall quality of life an individual has. Read more at
  • Adults And Braces

    Colgate offers information on oral care for adults including adult fluoride treatments and technological advancements in the visibility of braces.
  • Wearing And Caring For Your Retainer

    Discover techniques for wearing and caring for your dental retainer. Orthodontic retainers are an important part of the orthodontic process and should be worn often. Find out more information at