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How to Brush Teeth with Braces

Your child has got braces, and they’re looking sharp in more ways than one. The braces are doing their job and straightening your child’s teeth. But now, your child needs to step up and do their job of learning how to brush with braces. Sure, metal wires can make it challenging, but regardless of that, it’s still essential to brush after every meal. And here’s how it's done.

How To Brush Your Teeth With Braces

It’s a process to brush your teeth with braces. But it's a relatively simple one once it becomes a routine. Remember, practice makes perfect. Let’s begin.

  1. Before you brush your teeth, rinse with water to help loosen any food lodged around your braces
  2. Then start brushing (we recommend a brush designed for braces) at the gum line at a 45-degree angle
  3. After brushing the gum line, place the toothbrush on top of the brackets, angling down to brush on top of each bracket
  4. Then, reposition the toothbrush to brush the bottom of the bracket and the wire, angling the toothbrush upwards
  5. Be sure to brush every tooth at the gum line and above and below the brackets to help remove plaque and food debris

Some older kids may still require help until they are comfortable properly angling the toothbrush and have learned how to brush their teeth with braces. Again, it’s a process.

How To Clean Between Your Teeth With Braces

Your child should also learn to master regular cleaning between their teeth with braces. And flossing is that crucial step. Here are some helpful flossing with braces tips:

  • Try a floss threader to make flossing with braces easier
  • Consider water irrigators to help flush out food particles in tight spaces
  • After brushing, help prevent cavities by rinsing with mouthwash to help remove bacteria for a healthier mouth

It may take some time for your kid to navigate the journey of brushing and cleaning between their teeth with braces. So be sure to support and back them up whenever things get bumpy. Also, even with braces on, kids should see their dentist twice a year for cleanings and check-ups.