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When Little Ones Lose Baby Teeth: Six Special Ways to Celebrate

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When your little ones lose baby teeth, you can go all out with celebrations, or you can keep it simple. Either way, the important thing is to make it special. Losing a tooth is a big moment in your child's life, and it is nice to commemorate the event with something memorable. Read on to learn about six ways, big and small, to celebrate this significant moment.

Simple Ways to Celebrate

  1. Drum up some excitement about the tooth fairy. This is pretty simple because most little ones get quite excited about having some cash of their own to spend on a toy or some candy.

  2. Snap a picture of the new gap between your child's teeth. Make sure to note the date on the picture and, if possible, print out a copy or two of the photo and stick a copy in a frame or an album.

  3. Make an event of noting the date in your child's baby book or a scrapbook. This is where the second copy of the toothless picture comes into play. Add the picture to the baby book or scrapbook page for a beautiful and personal memento.

Bigger Ways to Celebrate

  1. Make up a batch of tooth cupcakes, and make it a party. You do not need any special cake decorating tools to decorate these cute cupcakes, and your little one is sure to enjoy the joke about using their teeth to eat tooth cupcakes.

  2. Have a crafting party. Cut out some craft foam shapes for your child and his friends, and then grab the craft glue and some old picture frames. Help the little ones make personalized frames to hold pictures of their smiling faces and lost teeth by covering the edges of the frames with colorful shapes. Even if your child's friends do not currently have lost teeth, eventually they will, or they can use the frames for other pictures.

  3. Take your little one somewhere special, such as an amusement park or favorite restaurant, to celebrate the lost tooth. Don't forget to snap some pictures of your child smiling and showing off the gap between his teeth while you are there.

Children lose baby teeth all the time, but eventually they will have lost them all and be looking forward to growing healthy, adult teeth. Make this short period special for both your little one and yourself; your family will always have some truly special memories.