Colgate Total® Professional Whitening

Tooth stains, bad breath and plaque. These are three big offenders when it comes to making your mouth feel less than fresh. Luckily, Colgate Total® has the answer: For a full 12 hours, this bacteria-fighting formula, found in each of Colgate Total's® specialized toothpastes, will fight oral health conditions that constantly threaten to develop.


Colgate Total® Professional Whitening’s formula helps remove surface stains. This advanced toothpaste means a bright smile for you, and a dark day for bacteria.


Colgate Total® fights bacteria build-up for up to 12 hours and helps:

  • Freshen Breath
  • Relieve Sensitivity
  • Fight Cavities
  • Naturally Whiten
  • Prevent Tartar
  • Promote Gum Health
  • Remove Plaque
  • Strengthen Enamel