Colgate® Optic White

Whiten teeth for that Designer Smile™

Colgate® Optic White Expert

Professional whitening ingredient used by dentists

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Teeth Whitening 101 For whiter teeth in 1 week

Colgate Optic White Expert

Professional whitening ingredient used by dentists

Whiten your teeth like a pro with new Colgate Optic White Expert

New Colgate Optic White Expert. With a professional whitening ingredient used by dentists, it’s clinically proven to whiten teeth and remove stains. It’s the breakthrough for healthy white teeth you’ll want to share.

A new generation of whitening

Why do teeth lose their whiteness? The porous nature of enamel means that food, drinks and tobacco penetrate and bind with the dentine (the layer below enamel) to cause discolouration. As we get older our enamel gets thinner, which also leads to yellowing teeth. 

Add certain food, drinks and even antibiotics to the mix and it’s no wonder our teeth discolour (Don’t get us started on the effect smoking and teeth grinding have on our not so pearly whites).

And we know how stained and yellow teeth can affect your confidence and make you weary of flashing a smile. That’s why we’ve introduced Optic White Expert. Its breakthrough formula helps whitens teeth, both intrinsically and on the surface, helping to restore your teeth to their natural shade of white.

Get a professional clean in the comfort of your home, with our unique, dual-action formula that contains: 

Hydrogen Peroxide 0.1%

  • A bleaching agent that visibly changes the colour of teeth

  • Helps removes surface stains and in some cases deep-set stains

High Cleaning Silica

  • Clinically proven stain removal and stain prevention

  • Works as an abrasive that removes plaque, debris and other particles from teeth


  • With professional whitening ingredient to reverse years of yellowing*

  • With advanced polishing technology, for whiter teeth in just 5 days**

  • Gentle formula that’s enamel-safe and great for daily use

*Stains caused by food and drink, with daily use

**Use as directed


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