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Song of Bright Smiles

For children ages 5-6

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Your dentist is your partner in oral health.
Take care of your teeth between check-ups yourself!
After breakfast and before bedtime
Brush at least twice a day and your smile will shine.

Don't forget the plaque that hides on your tongue
Brushing freshens your breath – it's great for teeth and gums.
Brush your teeth all over, 'specially in the back
And limit the times that you eat a snack.

Flouride toothpaste will keep your teeth strong.
Floss once a day, you can't go wrong!
It will get rid of the plaque that you might miss –
Have your mom or dad help you with this.

You're doing your part against cavities – the brushing's up to you.
Now the other thing that you have to do . . .
Is visit the dentist regularly. Visit the dentist regularly.
Brushing fights plaque and prevents cavities!
Visit the dentist regularly

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