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"The Sweet Life" Song (lyrics)

Watch the evil Duke of Decay sing, "The Sweet Life, in his kid-friendly villainy. Join the Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures® team in a journey to the Molar System, where kids learn how to take care of their teeth and protect the universe from the wicked Duke of Decay!

The full length film, Adventures in the Molar System, streaming now:

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Have a snack
Have a treat
May I recommend you eat Lost of sugar every day

Cause its the sweet life

Have nibble
Make it double
You can eat away your troubles Have a giant scoop of junk

Cause its the sweet life

Nevermind what they say
About plaque and tooth decay
You can bottom dollar that I’m right

Yes, with every sugar snack
You can fill your mouth with plaque
Open wide, cause it’s the sweet, sweet life!

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