Colgate® 360°® SurroundTM/MC Toothbrush

Impress your dentist. The next generation in whole mouth cleaning. The Colgate* 360°* Surround Manual Toothbrush is designed to provide 3X bacterial removal action for a healthier whole mouth clean.


† Removes bacteria in 3 ways
‡ vs. brushing with a regular flat trim toothbrush 


  • Surround Bristles simultaneously clean both sides of teeth and reaches all the way down to the gum line
  • Wraparound cleaner is designed to provide a new dimension of clean and an invigorating feel

    • Surround Bristles
    • Wraparound Cheek & Tongue Cleaner
    • Polishing Whitening Cups
    • Cleaning Tip
    • Comfortable non-slip handle

    • Soft and medium bristle firmness
    • Blue, lime green, orange and pink

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