Colgate® SlimSoft TM/MC Toothbrush

The Colgate® SlimSoftTM/MC toothbrush has 17x slimmer† tip bristles for a deep clean. Its high density bristle pattern provides a unique mouth feel while brushing. It also has an ergonomic and flexible handle that helps to effectively reach tight spaces in the mouth, while being gentle on gums. This brush provides 6x†† deeper reach while being gentle on gums.


  • 17xSlimmer† tip bristles for a deep clean

  • 6x Deeper†† reach along the gum line

  • 1.5x Deeper access†† between teeth

  • Ergonomic and flexible handle to clean hard to reach areas of the mouth

  • Soft tapered bristles for a gentle clean

  • Approximately 35% more bristles (than an ordinary toothbrush) that provide a unique mouth feel while brushing

  • Source: In-vitro studies - US 2011† vs. end-rounded regular bristles.†† vs. a soft ordinary toothbrush with end rounded bristles.

    • Bristle type: Soft

    • Bristle color: White with Light Blue tips

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