Colgate Max White Expert Complete Toothpaste

Have you got the best whitening toothpaste?
Colgate Max White Expert Complete Whitening Toothpaste Expert Complete provides deep and instant whitening. It is professionally designed to reverse years of yellowing and provide an instant whitening effect day after day. It's unique dual-action formula has the same whitening ingredient that dentists use to remove deep-set stains and an Advanced Brighteners System™ that is clinically proven to make your teeth appear instantly whiter by reflecting blue light*. It is the beauty secret that works and you'll want to share.


*Instant effect is temporary

Available size: 90 ml


  • Optic brighteners work instantly for whiter teeth
  • Contains professional whitening ingredients to reverse years of yellowing
  • Stain prevention system for lasting whiter teeth with daily use
  • Enamel safe for daily use
  • Freshens breath

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