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Can you get stained teeth from tea?

We know that coffee can stain those pearly whites, but can you get stained teeth from tea too? The answer is yes. In fact, tea might be even more likely to stain your teeth than coffee due to its higher tannin content.

If you don't want to give up drinking tea, it is important to look after your teeth in order to keep staining to a minimum.

Reduce stains caused by tea

Drinking tea can cause lasting discolouration, but it is possible to reduce staining by developing healthy oral care habits.

At home, simple things such as brushing your teeth regularly can help. Brushing twice a day is good, but brushing immediately after you drink a cup of tea is even better. Drinking water after a cup of tea can help reduce the amount of tannin left in your mouth, too. Switching from black tea to herbal or green teas can also reduce staining, although it will not eliminate the problem altogether.

For added stain fighting, try brushing with a toothpaste that can whiten teeth.

Get rid of existing stains

Now that you know you can get stained teeth from tea, you might like to think about teeth whitening to combat the discolouration. You can do this at home using teeth whitening kits or products that work alongside your usual brushing routine, such as an effective toothbrush and mouthwash to help reduce stains further and brighten teeth.


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