Colgate Smiles Club SmartPhone Contest

  1. The Colgate Smiles Club ‘Smart Phone’ contest (referred – ‘contest’ henceforth) is a consumer engagement contest, which is sponsored and operated by Colgate- Palmolive (India) Limited (“Colgate”).
  2. The contest is live only for the residents of India, except Tamil Nadu - aged more than 18 years, from 1-May’ 22 to 31-Dec’ 23 (campaign tenure subject to change at Colgate’s discretion). Participants who select Tamil Nadu as their state of residence during registration will not be eligible for the reward.

  3. Purchase of any Colgate pack is not essential to participate in the campaign. Consumers can scan the QR code on the packs or visit and register themselves for the campaign to participate for free.

  4. At the time of registering for the campaign, participants are required to thoroughly read, understand the T&C’s and are voluntarily required to agree to the terms and conditions and Privacy Policy of the Colgate Smiles Club.

  5. A participant can register himself with his/ her correct details multiple times to be eligible. The last updated details will be considered for membership in Colgate Smiles Club.

  6. The Personal Details mentioned above are confidential and collected, used, processed and stored in accordance with Colgate’s Privacy Policy accessible at

  7. By submitting the Personal Details, you agree to receive Colgate’s promotional offers, special offers, newsletters, Colgate’s product launches information, Colgate feedback & surveys, advertising messages / communication or Colgate’s product samples information through emails/calls / text messages/whatsapp or by courier.

  8. Winner selection process:

    1. Only the participants who have successfully registered themselves for the Colgate Smiles Club through aforesaid process, will stand a chance to win a prize

    2. In the 1st fortnight of every month, Colgate will publish the list of 5 winners who have registered for CSC in the preceding month through a random selection process, excluding participants from TN

    3. Winners will be communicated via 3 rounds of email and/or SMS. Colgate or its associate reward management agency may also call winners to collect addresses

    4. Winners are expected to share the preferred delivery address by clicking on the link shared in the email and/or SMS, or on the call within the tenure specified on the communication. If winners fail to do so, Colgate may discard the qualification and select other winners as replacement

    5. The email address & mobile number shared at the time of address verification needs to match with the email address & mobile number shared at the time of participation. In case of mismatch, the eligibility for reward will be discarded.

    6. Colgate & the associated reward management agency will deliver the reward at the address within 60 days after the completion of tenure to share addresses (as per point ‘d’ above)

    7. Winner list will be declared on

  9. Reward: A smartphone approximately worth Rs.10,000
    The MRP of the product may lie within the price range of INR 9000 to INR 11000
    The preferred brand of smartphone will be Samsung, but subject to change at Colgate’s discretion.

  10. The reward (smartphone as product and its brand) & count of winners subject to change during the campaign period at Colgate’s discretion. The MRP of products mentioned on the promotional creatives is tentative as per the MRP on the campaign start date. Colgate is not responsible if the MRP of the product changes during the campaign tenure.

  11. The reward product, its MRP & product description of the products mentioned on the promotional assets is for representative purpose, and is subject to change during the course of campaign. Colgate is not responsible for these changes, if any. Product warranty & guaranty will be considered as whatever published/issued by the manufacturer. Colgate won’t be responsible for product quality post-delivery of the product. 

  12. The reward Smartphone will be given as per the discretion of Colgate and the winners shall not have any right to request or demand for any specific element to be added/replaced/discarded in the reward. The decision of Colgate in this regard shall be final. The reward cannot be exchanged, and is not transferable and cannot be converted into cash.

  13. Winners will have to participate in any promotional activity related to the Contest that will involve use of their name, image, city, state and other information at no additional cost/charges whatsoever to Colgate. Winners will have to share their decent quality photo for the same & Colgate can touch up winner’s photograph to render it usable for the promotional activity. Winners may be asked certain questions regarding their experience/feedback with Colgate Smiles Club, Colgate’s products and Colgate as a brand. This information will be polished and used by Colgate for promotional activity without losing the essence of the feedback – preferably in form of a winner/consumer testimonial. The content for such promotional/testimonial activity will be at Colgate’s discretion and winners cannot request it to be changed.

  14. Colgate and /or its agency will never demand or solicit or request for - (a) any advance payment or request for any kind of payment or charges whatsoever; or (b) any financial information of your accounts, credit or debit card etc; or (c) clicking any link or subscribe any suspicious link etc.; except registering with basic personal information on Colgate smiles club through the landing page.

  15. The decision of Colgate as regards to the contest shall be final. No correspondence or any other claims whatsoever, in this regard will be entertained.

  16. No queries, claims, dispute, complaints or grievances pertaining to the Promotional Offer shall be entertained by Colgate or its facilitating partners from the date of the closure of the Promotional Offer.

  17. This Promotional Offer shall be subject to Indian Laws and in case of any disputes, the Courts at Mumbai, shall have the exclusive jurisdiction.

  18. Standard force majeure terms apply to this Promotional Offer including government restrictions and inability to operate / perform due to reasons of pandemic situation etc.

  19. Helpdesk Tab:
    For any queries, you may email us at
    Call 1800-225599
    Lines open from Monday to Friday between 09:00 AM to 6:00 PM

  20. Colgate may amend, update, extend, change, terminate, cancel, suspend etc. the terms hereof without any further notice and their decision shall be final in this regard.