Do More For You Whole Mouth

Do More For You Whole Mouth

Colgate® Total

Colgate Total




    Colgate Total Icon Whitening


    New Colgate Total’s superior whitening action is clinically proven to help remove surface stains to give you a healthier whiter smile*

    *vs. non-whitening non-antigerm fluoride toothpaste


    Colgate Total Icon Bad Breath


    New Colgate Total now instantly neutralizes odors associated with bad breath and gives you long lasting healthy fresh breath for 12 hours



    New Colgate Total's unique formula is clinically proven to protect against cavities and tooth decay caused by sugary foods and beverages


    Colgate Total Icon Enamel


    New Colgate Total now seeks & fights germs for 12 hours* and keeps your enamel strong & protected

    *with 4 weeks continued use


    Colgate Total Icon Plaque


    New Colgate Total reduces germs plaque build-up and forms a protective layer that continues to fight germs for 12 hours*


    *with 4 weeks continued use


    Colgate Total Icon Gum Care


    New Colgate Total fights germs build-up along the gum line and improves gum health.


    *with continued use


    Colgate Total Icon Tartar


    New Colgate Total actively prevents tartar formation and build-up by reducing plaque, preventing its mineralization and continuing to attack germs, the source of tartar


    Colgate Total Icon Sensitivity

    New Colgate Total now offers sensitivity benefits across the range. It seals exposed dentin tubules to provide lasting sensitivity relief.*


    *with continuous use