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Healthy Breakfast Foods to Start Your Day

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Since the first meal of the day is the most important, healthy breakfast foods are the key to feeling great and having energy. Breakfast wakes up your metabolism and you'll get a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals, which keep organs and bones healthy, including your teeth. So rise and shine with these tips for a good breakfast!

Not All Cereals Are Created Equal

Whole grain cereals low in sugar are a quick and healthy breakfast. The problem is that some cereals have too much sugar and other artificial ingredients even when they're labelled as "healthy". So be sure to check the label. Kids love the cereal aisle at the supermarket, always filled with cartoon characters on bright boxes, but these cereals are usually high in sugar. Look for cereals that list a whole grain first and watch out for cereals that are high in fat and sodium.

You can also think about making hot homemade porridge with oats, quinoa or cream of wheat. Drench your cereal in skimmed or organic milk and add fresh fruit for more nutrients.

Eggs Really Are Incredible

The incredible egg is full of protein. A hearty omelette full of fresh vegetables and cheese makes an egg breakfast filling and full of vitamins and minerals. Just be careful not to go overboard with the cheese, which can be high in fat and cholesterol.

Children may especially enjoy adding spinach to their scrambled eggs. It's the perfect breakfast while reading Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.

Creamy, Rich and Filling Smoothies

Smoothies are the ultimate treat in a glass for breakfast. The nutritional value of smoothies depends on the ingredients you put in your blender. Start off with some protein by adding low-fat milk, soya milk, almond milk or yoghurt. Then add frozen fruit (berries, peaches, frozen banana) and crushed ice and whirl it in a blender. Add a little protein powder for an extra punch.

Remember that protein is a building block that helps the body strengthen muscles and support healthy skin and hair. Adding nuts, vegetables and leafy greens are also a good idea to increase the nutritional content of your smoothie. If you're lactose intolerant, you can use cooled green tea instead of milk.

Yoghurt: Quick and Wholesome

A cup of plain yoghurt is a fast breakfast for on-the-run people. Yet, yoghurt is a wholesome dairy product full of calcium and acidophilus, a probiotic that keeps the digestive system healthy. Some yoghurts come with granola or chopped nuts. Children will especially love making yoghurt and fruit parfaits. Simply layer sliced fruit in between layers of plain or vanilla yoghurt in a clear plastic cup. It's a healthy rainbow in a cup!

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