Joseph Steele PhD



Joseph Steele

Research Scientist

Dr. Joseph Steele is a Research Scientist in the Physical Sciences Early Research Division. Within the Biomaterials and Advanced Delivery Research Group, he focuses on the use of new materials and delivery forms to improve the treatment of oral issues. Joseph’s background in materials engineering, drug delivery, and regenerative medicine brings a new perspective to the Physical Sciences research at Colgate. Joseph holds a BSc and an MSc in Chemical Engineering from Queen’s University Canada and a PhD in Materials Engineering from Imperial College London, UK. Prior to starting at Colgate in 2018, Joseph performed post-doctoral work in managing the 3D Printing and Bioplotting Materials research at the New Jersey Center for Biomaterials and helped establish the Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine Research Division at the Karolinska Institute, Sweden. Joseph has contributed to over 20 peer-reviewed scientific articles in the field of materials science. To celebrate the completion of his PhD in 2015, Joseph established an annual scholarship in his home town to encourage higher education in STEM.