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Oil Pulling

Discover the secrets
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Oil pulling is an ancient oral Kriya or practice recommended in Ayurvedic scriptures as an essential part of daily health rituals or Dinacharya.

Oil pulling includes two types of procedures. Gandusha- filling the mouth with a large quantity of oil and holding it in for about 10-15 minutes and Kavala -  filling the mouth with a relatively smaller quantity of oil, swishing it briskly inside the oral cavity and spitting it out after 2 to 3 minutes.

key ingredients

Colgate Vedshakti Oil Pulling- a natural blend of Ayurvedic oils

The all-new Colgate Vedshakti Oil Pulling is an antioxidant-rich blend of 5 oils- Sesame, Clove, Eucalyptus, Holy Basil, and Lemon.


Sesame Oil

Known for multiple therapeutic properties



Known to help
relieve toothache



Known to
remove plaque


Holy Basil

Known to fight germs



Known to provide freshness

Benefits of Oil Pulling


When incorporated into your existing oral care regimen.

  • Deep cleans the mouth
  • Draws out toxins
  • Keeps oral diseases at bay


How to Practice Oil Pulling


Take a spoonful of the blend icon

Take a spoonful of the blend

Swirl it in your mouth for 2-3 minutes icon

Swirl it in your mouth for 2-3 minutes

Spit it out icon

Spit it out

Rinse with water icon

Rinse with water

Vedshakti Oil Pulling Regimen