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Super Flexi Scan & Chance to win smartphones & cashbacks offer


Terms and conditions tab:

1. This scan a chance to win smartphones or cashback offer (the “Promotional Offer”) terms and conditions (the “T&C’s”) is a consumer Promotional Offer , which is sponsored and brought to you by Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited (“Colgate”).

2. This Promotional Offer is valid only for the citizens of India above 18 years of age and participation only in India.

3. The Promotional Offer is effective from 1st May 2021  until 31st Dec 2021  (in “the Offer Period”). Promotion is open to citizens of India only, subject to other terms and conditions contained herein.

4. Under this Promotional Offer, consumers subject to clause 2 and 3 above, will be required to scan the QR code available on the Colgate SuperFlexi Pack (“Promotional Pack”) subject to availability, featuring this Promotional Offer. For regular packs having a regular QR code may not be eligible to participate. Purchase of the Promotional Pack is non-mandatory and only scanning of QR code and further steps is the prerequisite to participate.

5. Upon scanning the QR code, on the landing  page the participants will have to update their details to join the Colgate Smiles Club. With the Colgate Smiles Club participants may unlock certain rewards and will be eligible to receive various promotional and products related information from Colgate as per the terms and condition of the Colgate Smiles Club.

6. At the time of registering on the Colgate Smiles Club, participants are required to thoroughly read, understand the T&C’s and are voluntarily required to agree to the terms and conditions and Privacy Policy of the Colgate Smiles Club.

7. Only the participants who have successfully registered themselves on the Colgate smiles Club through the aforesaid QR code of the Promotional pack, will stand a lucky chance to win a smartphone or cashback as a prize as per the discretion of Colgate. A participant can register only once with his / her correct details to be eligible. In case, subsequently or during the Promotional Offer if it is noticed that the Participant has provided false or inaccurate information, he or she may be terminated from the Colgate Smiles Club account as well as any winning prize shall be forfeited as per the discretion of Colgate, in addition to any other legal recourse as may be available to Colgate.

7. Colgate will randomly select from amongst the aforesaid participants a total of 300 winners  for smartphones and 30000 winners for cashbacks from those who have participated successfully during the Offer Period. Colgate will select winners in parts as per the table below. Only participants as per the below ‘date of participation’ will be considered for the random selection of winners and will not be carry-forwarded.

Date of participation

  Number of winners (cashback) 

  Number of winners (smartphone)  

  Date of announcement (on or before)   

15th May’21- 31st Jul’21



7th Aug’21

1st Aug’21- 15th Sept’21



21st Sep’21

16th Sept’21-31st Oct’21



22nd Nov’21

1st Nov’21-31st Dec’21



17th Jan’22


8. The prize consisting of smartphones & cashbacks as mentioned above, will be given as per the discretion of Colgate and the winners shall not have any right to request or demand for any specific variant of the smartphone or cashback. The decision of Colgate in this regard shall be final.

9. The lucky winners will be contacted over the email/sms  by Colgate and / or its authorised agency. Winners will be sent a link to share their address within a week to verify and confirm the delivery of the prizes wherever applicable. Another reminder will be sent in 3 days if not responded previously. After 7 days, i.e. from the end of the 3 days second reminder, the link will be deactivated without any further follow-up and the winner will no longer be eligible for claiming the reward and the same shall stand forfeited. Colgate and / or its agencies shall not be responsible for the forfeiting of the prizes if any. .Participants who have opted for DND (Do Not Disturb) facility hereby allow Colgate and its agencies to send voice messages and SMS alerts/messages / call to their mobile/landline numbers in relation to this Promotional Offer. However, Colgate does not guarantee that such Participants of DND will get a call / SMS and such participants may not receive the aforesaid messages/alerts in spite of giving a missed call and are requested to check with their respective service providers before participating. Colgate shall not be responsible or liable in any manner if a winner is unable to be contacted due to the above reasons or any other technical or incorrect details.

10. The list of the winners will be declared on

11.  Colgate and /or its agency will never demand or solicit or request for - (a) any advance payment or request for any kind of payment or charges whatsoever; or (b) any financial information of your accounts, credit or debit card etc; or (c) clicking any link or subscribe any suspicious link etc.; except registering with basic personal information on Colgate smiles club through the landing page reached from the QR code on the Promotional Pack only.

12.  The decision of Colgate as regards to the Promotional Offer shall be final. No correspondence or any other claims whatsoever, in this regard will be entertained.

13.  No queries, claims, dispute, complaints or grievances pertaining to the Promotional Offer shall be entertained by Colgate or its facilitating partners from the date of the closure of the Promotional Offer.

14.  The prize cannot be exchanged, and is not transferable.

15. The cashback prizes of Rs.20 each can be redeemed via NEFT, UPI & PayTM wallet

16. Any entry will be eligible for one prize only

17. The images on pack are for creative representation only.

18. This Promotional Offer shall be subject to Indian Laws and in case of any disputes, the Courts at Mumbai, shall have the exclusive jurisdiction.

19. Standard force majeure terms apply to this Promotional Offer including government restrictions and inability to operate / perform due to reasons of pandemic situation etc.

20. The Personal Details mentioned above are confidential and collected, used, processed and stored in accordance with Colgate’s Privacy Policy accessible at

21. Helpdesk Tab:

For any queries, you may email us at

Call 1800-225599

Lines open from Monday to Friday between 09:00 AM to 6:00 PM

22. Colgate may amend, update, extend, change, terminate, cancel, suspend etc. the terms hereof without any further notice and their decision shall be final in this regard.

23. By entering the Promotional Offer, the Participant agree not to make any claims (including special, indirect and consequential losses) against Colgate and / or its Partner Agency or their directors and employees and any losses, claims and actions of any kind resulting from the Promotional Offer, shall be at the sole liability of the Participant.

24. Colgate and or its agencies shall not be responsible for the warranty or guarantee or replacement or repair or malfunctioning or technical issues or injury or death or queries or complaints by reasons of the awarded smartphones or cashback as the case may be under this Promotional Offer. In case of any loss, damage, misuse or fraud or cheating etc. caused to the Participant or winner by participating in this Promotional Offer or for any other reasons including mishandling or loss or misuse of the cashback code or smartphones etc; the respective Participant / winner shall be solely liable and responsible for such acts and consequences.

25. For any queries pertaining to product or technical issues on the Smartphones, concerned winners are required to directly get in touch with the Smartphone brand company and in case of Cashback with the cashback provider. Colgate / its agencies shall not be responsible or liable to address any such grievances or complaints of any nature whatsoever.