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10 Edible Charcoal Treats

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There is a certain trend captivating the food industry and it involves an unlikely ingredient, charcoal. Edible charcoal powder has found its way into many types of foods, perhaps due to its well-known health benefits and blackening properties. We share 10 edible charcoal treats to add to your shopping list.

1. Black burgers

charcoal burger for teeth - colgate inRather than using charcoal to cook your burger, why not add it to your dish? Bamboo charcoal is becoming increasingly popular as an ingredients in bread. The black buns don’t mean the burger is well done, but the charcoal could help with bloating and flatulence once the burger is devoured.

2. Charcoal Twirl

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If a black burger bun is a little too scary, perhaps a light bamboo charcoal twirl in your bread loaf is just enough to give you a healthy charcoal hit, while still being pleasing on the eye.


3. Anybody got a cracker?

Anyone Got a Cracker?

Charcoal biscuits have been eaten as early as the 19th century, prescribed for patients with gastric problems . They are a great addition to your next cheese platter, or a tasty way to consume a healthy dose of charcoal.


4. Dark doughnuts

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Popular in Thailand and Malaysia, charcoal doughnuts have hit the shelves. Whilst they may not be packed with nutrients, the charcoal does add a slight alteration to the flavor which may or may not be to your liking. Flavors like 'Charcoal Jalapeño,' 'Charcoal Choco Chili' and 'Charcoal French Praline’ are on offer.

5. Japanese treats

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The Japanese have been adding a twist of edible bamboo charcoal to their food for hundreds of years. Charcoal has been added to everything from sweets, to chocolate bars, to tea.


6. Midnight macaroons

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Macaroon makers are also jumping on board the charcoal trend with many Japanese tea houses serving up bamboo charcoal infused goodies.



7. Black magic noodle

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We also have the Japanese to thank for bamboo charcoal noodles – a product which is popular in many Asian countries now. Served hot or cold, they offer a healthy dose of activated charcoal and are easy on the taste buds.


8. Charcoal pannacotta

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One of the more obscure charcoal infusions, the traditional pannacotta dessert can enjoy a facelift with a dash of charcoal powder.



9. Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes

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A healthy alternative to that bucket of chips, charcoal potatoes might look like charred charcoal lumps, but in a restaurant in Los Angeles, USA, they are died with squid ink and cooked over a bed of charcoals for a delicious crunchy experience.


10. Charcoal coated peanuts

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Peanuts contribute to good brain health and blood flow, so get a double dose of goodness by choosing the charcoal variety . Popular in Taiwan, charcoal peanuts are said to be tasty, but have been known to get stuck in teeth.


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Now that you’ve covered your teeth in charcoal food, you might as well continue the charcoal trend to clean them off. Deep clean with Colgate Total Charcoal. Its unique formula with micro-charcoal particles that cleans deep in between the teeth.

*vs. Regular Fluoride Toothpaste 12 hours after brushing

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