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Why It's Time To Clean Your Tongue

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You brush your teeth at least twice a day for several minutes at a time, scrubbing away with infinite, surgical care. Yet you’re still bothered with plaque problems and bad breath. The reason? Clean teeth alone do not make a clean mouth.

Eighty percent of the germs in your mouth does not actually come from your teeth—it breeds in other areas, especially your tongue and cheeks. Keeping your teeth fresh and cavity-free is just one part of good oral care. You also need to keep your gums, the inside of your cheeks and your tongue clean.

The moistness and warmth of our mouths make it the perfect breeding ground for germs, considered to be the main factor of bad breath. Germs thrive on sugary and starchy food residue that is left on our tongues, so cleaning this portion should be an essential part of your oral care routine.

However, many people find tongue-cleaning devices intrusive, uncomfortable and an additional step. If you’re one of them, then Colgate’s 360º® toothbrush might just be what you’re looking for.

Colgate 360º® toothbrushes offers a toothbrush and tongue cleaner in one. Simply flip the toothbrush over and use the tongue cleaner on the back for a healthier whole mouth clean. The Colgate 360º® toothbrush helps to remove up to 96 percent more odor-causing germs than regular manual toothbrushes, leaving your mouth feeling fresher and smelling better with regular use .


The predecessor to modern toothbrushes was invented by the Chinese in the late 1400’s, during the same period that Christopher Columbus was sailing to America. Sadly, these primitive brushes were far from comfortable, with bristles made from hog hairs stuck into handles made of bone or bamboo.

Clinical studies also showed that Colgate 360® toothbrushes reduce plaque trapped between teeth and help to decrease gum bleeding by 34% . Designed to cleanse the entire mouth, the 360º toothbrush has a raised cleaning tip to help you gain better access to teeth further back in the mouth. It has soft rubber polishing cups that gently remove stains and retain the toothpaste, tapered bristles that help with effective scrubbing along the gum line, and a cushioned thumb grip for better control and comfort.

There are various designs to choose from, so you’ll certainly find one that suits your specific needs. The Colgate 360º® Sensitive Pro Relief toothbrush is designed for those who suffer from sensitive teeth and comes equipped with ultra-soft bristles that are gentler on exposed root surfaces.

So if you want your mouth to be spotless, get rid of your old flat-top toothbrush and switch to a Colgate 360º toothbrush. Power away germs with the Colgate 360® Battery Toothbrush for a superior whole mouth clean. It has 20 times more  brushing action than a manual toothbrush. Your teeth, gums, cheeks and tongue will thank you for it.

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