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3 Jobs Where White Teeth Come In Handy

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Have you ever had that moment when you’re having a great conversation with someone, where they’re so friendly you beam a big, toothy smile at them, and they cringe a little at how yellow your teeth are? If so, let us hope you don’t work in these jobs, where a white smile can really boost your career.


  • Performing Arts
  • It doesn’t matter whether you work as a part-time model, actor or musician — if you work in an industry where your body matters, people will be looking at your teeth. And why shouldn’t they? You are on display, after all, and your teeth are an integral part of the look you project./p> 


  • does white teeth make a difference? - colgate inHealth Industry
  • Yellow, stained teeth can project unhealthiness, like being associated with smoking. At worst this can appear unattractive, but what if you’re a dentist, a doctor, a nutritionist, or a yoga teacher? It can seem odd, even hypocritical, to your customers or patients that you are talking about health but ignore the well-being of your own mouth. Especially nowadays, when many people realize that stained teeth are often the result of unhealthy lifestyle habits, like smoking or drinking red wine.


  • Sales

Any job that requires persuasion skills relies on you being able to project a sense of charm, trustworthiness and charisma. That’s hard to do with yellow -colored teeth. Strangers who meet form a first impression of one another almost immediately, research finds. A Princeton University psychological study flashed photos of unknown faces to volunteers . In less than a second the volunteers had formed opinions about that face, including likeability, competence, trustworthiness and attractiveness. The lesson is that you need to put your best foot forward: flash your pearly whites early and often.


A Chinese proverb advises: “Don’t open a shop unless you like to smile.” We all know that a good smile is invaluable to building strong relationships . The key word here being ‘good’ — scientists have demonstrated that people are exceptionally skilled at spotting a fake grin, so make sure you always flash an authentic smile. Your happiness should show as much in your eyes as it does in your mouth.

You might feel that whiter teeth is just a tiny change to a very small part of your body. But that minor portion makes a huge difference in how you are perceived. What’s more, with whiter teeth you will automatically find yourself smiling more to show them off. You’ll seem more self-confident, open, and friendly. The benefits to your personal and business life will be incalculable.