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Decorate Some Fun Teeth Cupcakes To Sink Your Real Teeth Into

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Make some tasty teeth cupcakes to celebrate a dental school graduation or to do something special for your little one after he loses a tooth. It's so simple to make these treats, and they look like you put in a lot more effort than they actually require. You can pick up tubes of colored decorating gel and icing to cut the work time involved, or mix your own decorative frosting and apply it with a cake decorating set.

Gather Your Supplies

Get everything you need ready before you begin to decorate. It makes everything go more quickly, plus you don't have the frustration of hunting for missing supplies while your icing is drying out. You'll need the following:

  • Two dozen cupcakes
  • A 10-ounce tub of white cake frosting
  • A 1-ounce tube of pink gel frosting
  • A 3-ounce tube of red cake frosting
  • A frosting knife
  • A toothpick
  • A picture of a smiling mouth (optional)

Turn Plain Cupcakes Into Teeth Cupcakes

Get started by dividing the white frosting equally between the cupcakes. Spread the frosting out on the cupcakes so it's flat and smooth. Then add the teeth and lips to the plain white frosting.

Use the toothpick and your imagination to draw a pair of open lips and a set of teeth in the frosting. Just press the tip of the toothpick lightly in the surface of the frosting. It doesn't need to be deep. If you aren't happy with the way it looks, use the frosting knife to smooth out the frosting and try again.

Open the pink gel frosting and squeeze the tube gently while tracing a thin line of pink gel around each tooth. Open the red gel and gently squeeze the tube to fill in the lips on each tooth cupcake. If the red frosting on the lips looks uneven, use the frosting knife to smooth out the surface of the red frosting. Just be careful that it doesn't smear outside the lines.

Serve the colorful toothy cupcakes on a large platter with your favorite punch, coffee or cold milk. Just make sure everyone brushes and flosses after enjoying the sugary treats to keep teeth healthy.

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