Chapter 5: Plaque Monster Cave

Chapter 1: The Dental Office
Five children have finished their dental check-ups.Their dentists, Dr.Rabbit and Dr. Brushwell. Dr. Rabbit says that plaque can cause all kinds of mischief — which reminds him of a story. As the children gather around, he begins to read. "Once upon a time, there was a magical place called ... Tooth Kingdom."

Chapter 2: Inside the Tooth Castle
Suddenly the children find themselves in an unfamiliar land — watching Plaque Monsters bombarding a castle made from teeth. As gooey plaque hits the castle walls, the scene switches to the Queen of Tooth Kingdom. She is consulting her Royal Dentists — who look amazingly like Dr. Rabbit and Dr. Brushwell!

Chapter 3: Happy Smiles Supply Room
This warehouse of plaque-fighting tools has giant toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes and dental floss. The kids are outfitted in official knights' clothing, and meet Roderick the donkey, who'll be joining them on their journey. Meanwhile, Sorcerer Plakula has plans to set oral health obstacles along the way ...

Chapter 4: On the Road
The team heads off on their journey. Meanwhile, sneaky Plaque Monsters are hiding snacks along the route, tempting the children to eat too many snacks. As they go along, Roderick is tempted to have a snack. Dr. Brushwell reminds him that he just had a snack, and shouldn't snack all the time!

Chapter 5: Plaque Monster Cave
The travelers discover a mysterious cave. The rocks and boulders look like giant teeth. And look — the magic lantern has begun to glow! Dr. Rabbit pulls out the lantern. Plaque Monsters are hiding everywhere...The team loads up their brushes with fluoride toothpaste to brush the Plaque Monsters away!

Chapter 6: Sugar Mountain
Next stop: Sugar Mountain. While Dr. Brushwell and Dr. Rabbit go to look up ahead, a candy rope magically appears. Pulling on it reveals the Icing Caves! The cave is filled with sweets and other snacks. Beware of the Plaque Monsters in disguise...

Chapter 7: Plaque Dungeon
Yikes! The beautiful Icing Caves turn into a gooey, drippy dungeon with plaque-coated pretzel bars that trap the kids and the dentists. Weakened Tooth Soldiers are in the dungeon too... But wait! Sarah uses dental floss to lasso toothbrushes together, and the kids reach out to brush the tired Tooth Soldiers with fluoride toothpaste. Now that they're strong again, the Tooth Soldiers help everyone escape from behind the plaque bars!

Chapter 8: Sorcerer Plakula's Cavity Hall
The team breaks down the doors of Cavity Hall. Using the Magic Lantern, they uncover the hidden Plaque Monsters and brush them away! Finally, Sorcerer Plakula is the only one left. The children surround him and begin brushing him with fluoride toothpaste … as he shrinks, shrinks, shrinks away. The cheers and clapping can be heard for miles!

Chapter 9: Back at Tooth Castle
The Queen welcomes the returning heroes. They are awarded special "Tabards" (shields to wear) that symbolize their good works in fighting plaque and saving the teeth throughout Tooth Kingdom. The children share what they've learned with the rest of the citizens of Tooth Kingdom. Hooray!

Chapter 10: Back at Dental Office
Zap! We're back at the dental office of Dr. Rabbit and Dr. Brushwell. Did this adventure really happen? Did the children really fight off the Plaque Monsters today? With a wink, Dr. Brushwell reminds the children that the battle against plaque is one they will be always be fighting ... every time they brush.