Colgate® Sensitive Whitening Toothpaste

Colgate® Sensitive Maximum Strength* Whitening Toothpaste Whitening toothpaste formula helps to restore teeth's natural whiteness, Superior stain removal* *with regular brushing vs. non-whitening toothpaste

This whitening toothpaste helps restore the natural whiteness of your teeth and is formulated with an Maximum Strength FDA Allowed Antisensitivity Active Ingredient.

*Maximum level of antisensitivity active ingredient permitted by the FDA for an over-the-counter sensitive toothpaste

**with continued use and twice daily brushing

 ***vs. non-whitening toothpaste


  • Clinically proven sensitivity relief
  • Sensitive teeth toothpaste that provides 24/7 sensitivity protection (with continued use and twice daily brushing)
  • Contains the maximum-strength, FDA-allowed antisensitivity active ingredient
  • Builds Protection Against Future Sensitivity
  • Freshens breath
  • Fresh mint gel toothpaste

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