Our Mission

Colgate believes that everyone has a future worth smiling about and that choosing a little bit of optimism can lead to big changes. It starts with a smile that can spark hope and positive action in others.

See how you can make
a difference with a simple smile.

Watch real life stories
about optimism in action.

See what the power
of your smile can do.

The Man Who Lost His Smile

Watch this animated short about a man who rediscovers his sense of optimism through the power of a smile from a stranger.


We’ve partnered with Now This to share uplifting real stories of optimists who are setting an example and showing us the power of choosing positivity.

Colgate Optimism Project

Colgate, the brand committed to taking care of healthy smiles for over 145 years, is launching a new program focused on championing individuals who are putting optimism into action and building a future we can all smile about. The Colgate Optimism Project will identify people who are working on projects to improve the world and provide valuable mentorship and coaching from experts in optimism, business, entrepreneurship and the possibility to secure grant funding to help actualize and further their ideas. Follow along here as we select our 2020 members to see their inspiring projects.