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Colgate® PreviDent® Varnish - Rx Only

Available through prescription only.

Packshot of Colgate<sup>®</sup> PreviDent<sup>®</sup> Varnish (5% Sodium Fluoride - Rx Only)

The Prevident® fluoride varnish is a topical, in office treatment for sensitive teeth. Quick, even application and varnish dries to natural teeth enamel color.

Active Ingredients:

1 mL of this suspension contains 50 mg sodium fluoride, equivalent to 22.8 mg fluoride ion, in an alcoholic solution of synthetic resins.

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4X greater fluoride uptake vs. 3M Varnish in lesioned enamel

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5% sodium fluoride

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Clinically proven for hypersensitivity relief

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Contains xylitol