Colgate® Optic White® Take-Home Whitening

Breakthrough Ionic Technology

Fast 10 minute treatment for just 10 days

Designed for No Tooth Sensitivity

Comfortable Silicone Tray

Over 7 Shade Whitening Improvement


*Available through Dental Offices


  • Transform your smile with fast, comfortable, easy-to-use at-home teeth whitening with an advanced Ionic Whitening Device. 
  • Achieves on average 7 shades' whitening improvement. 
  • Indications and Usage

    • At the touch of a button, the whitening device initiates a low electrical current that stimulates an ionic process in the gel for quick and noticeable whitening. 
    • Achieves on average 7 shades' whitening improvement. 
    • Adaptable whitening device included. Uses 9% Hydrogen Peroxide.
    • The procedure includes 10 whitening sessions of 10 minutes each.
    • For detailed step-by-step instructional videos please visit
  • Information

    Inactive Ingredients

    glycerin, water, hydrogen peroxide, potassium nitrate, carbomer, sodium, saccharin, sodium hydroxide, flavor, EDTA

    Active Ingredients

    Hydrogen Peroxide

    Package Ingredients

    Twenty 9% Hydrogen Peroxide Whitening Gel Tubes 0.17 FL Oz (5 mL), 1 Whitening Device, 1 Device case

  • Important Safety Information

    Use ONLY the provided Colgate® Optic White® Professional Complete set

    • The Colgate Optic® White® Professional kit contains NO SERVICEABLE parts.  Do not attempt to open any of the components
    • Keep out of the reach of children 
    • Products containing peroxides are not recommended for use by children under 12 years of age
    • Avoid using this product if you are known to have a contact allergy to nickel
    • No modification of this equipment is allowed

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