Optic White® Powered Toothbrush

Brush to Conclusions

Want whiter teeth? Count on this powerful battery powered toothbrush for a beautiful, radiant, white smile!

With its comfortable non-slip handle and dual action head, the new Colgate® 360°® Optic White® Powered Toothbrush whitens teeth in 1 week.* How?


Special Polishing Bristles

Let the bristles work their magic by polishing away surface stains from teeth while cleaning hard-to-reach areas.


Cheek and Tongue Cleaner

Helps kick odor-causing bacteria to the curb leaving you with a full clean-mouth experience.

*By removing surface stains.


Power toothbrush that whitens teeth in 1 week*

  • Special polishing bristles
  • Cheek and tongue cleaner
  • Non-slip handle
  • Dual action head

*By removing surface stains.

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