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What is Mewing?

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You can work out your biceps to get bigger muscles, but is it possible to work out your face? Mewing is a technique that has gained an incredible amount of popularity on the internet with claims to improve the aesthetics of the jawline, among other things. No formal studies on the legitimacy of mewing exist, so this health fade should be taken with caution.

What Is Mewing? And Does It Work?

The idea of mewing stems from the notion that human ancestors had larger jaws because they chewed tougher foods—whereas food in a modern diet is much softer. By practicing a "mewing" technique of positioning your mouth in a manner that builds up the strength of your jaw, people claim that you could experience benefits like reshaping your face, improved breathing, and corrected posture. Eventually, the mouth will naturally stay in a "proper jaw posture" over time, while providing the desired benefits.

Despite the extraordinary number of internet videos and testimonials supporting mewing claims, no clinical studies or peer-reviewed research can confirm the benefits. The oral and maxillofacial surgery community has not accepted mewing as an alternative for orthognathic surgery and conventional orthodontics and warns of the danger this "social media craze" has created, according to the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Is There a Medical Need for Mewing

In addition to the possible aesthetic benefits, proponents of mewing claim the practice can assist with nasal congestion, sleep apnea, and posture. However, no evidence supports this assertion.

Though the legitimacy of mewing isn't confirmed, the problems it seeks to address are known issues. Researchers at Stanford determined that a smaller jaw can lead to teeth crowding and mouth breathing—especially in children. Chewing tougher foods and sugar-free gum can aid in the proper development of the jaw. Stanford's research also suggests breathing and swallowing exercises that may also provide similar benefits.

How to Get Rid of My Double Chin Naturally

Not everyone can naturally change the shape of their jaw. In some cases, it's genetic or a result of aging. However, the layers of fat appearing under the chin are also associated with weight gain. A healthy lifestyle involving a nutritious diet and exercise can make your jawline appear more defined without needing a cosmetic procedure.

It's no surprise a DIY solution for such a common aesthetic topic has gained so much attention. Seeing a video with deceptive mewing before and after photos can be convincing, but trying it on your own could be harmful.

If you have cosmetic or medical concerns about your jaw, seeking the advice of a trusted dental professional is the safest option. They can provide you with a recommendation backed by years of experience and evidence-based outcomes.

Oral Care Center articles are reviewed by an oral health medical professional. This information is for educational purposes only. This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your dentist, physician or other qualified healthcare provider. 

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