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Lipstick Color For Whiter Teeth: How Makeup Can Help Brighten Your Smile

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Your outfit looks amazing. Your hair — stunning. And those shoes! But your teeth. Mmm... not-so-much. You probably wouldn't label them as "white" per se. You can whiten your teeth, sure. But when you're trying to get out the door, you need a quicker solution. Relax, we got you. Take a deep breath and open up your makeup bag. Your answer to whiter teeth is a simple application of the right lipstick away. And chances are, you already have the shade you need.

A Pop of Color

Like all forms of makeup, the color you choose can have dramatic effects. Thus, certain lipstick colors can make your teeth appear whiter than they are. And that's what we're looking for.

For a noticeable contrast, try these lipstick colors for whiter teeth:

  • Blue undertones
  • True cherry reds
  • Blue-toned plums

To avoid making your teeth appear to be stained, stay away from:

  • Golds
  • Yellows
  • Oranges

Natural Beauty

When you're trying to take that perfect selfie — accentuating your skin tone with the right blush to brighten your teeth can make all the difference in how “liked” it is. Most skin tones fall under warm, cool, or neutral. Consider these helpful tips in creating the appearance of whiter teeth with a flawless foundation.

  • Give peach or orange blush a try for warm undertones
  • Bright pink blushes can give off a teeth-whitening effect
  • Brighten up your teeth by applying your blush around the perimeter of your face and cheekbones

Silver Shimmer

If bold lipstick colors aren't your thing, opt for a subtler but still effective lip gloss. When it comes to lip gloss, remember to:

  • Choose a cooler silver shimmer over gold to help brighten your smile
  • Consider light pink gloss with a hint of silver for a pop of color
  • Or you can pull out all the stops by adding a little silver gloss atop your lipstick of choice

Bright Eyes

Finish off your eye-catching look with the right eye shadow. Similar to lipstick, darker blue tones provide a great contrast between your teeth and eyes. So think dark navys and plums when it comes to eye shadow and black or navy when it comes to mascara. Similarly, stay away from gold or orange eye shadows.

When it comes to whitening your teeth in a hurry, there a lot of options. You could also take a more deliberate approach at home or with your dentist. Whichever route you go, proper brushing twice a day with a whitening toothpaste can do wonders. And if you combine that with our makeup master plan, your pearly whites will look even better than those shoes.


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