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Designing A Tooth Fairy Letter Template

Having your child write a letter to the tooth fairy to accompany a lost tooth can be a great tradition that creates a sense of wonder and magic for the experience. But how much more exciting would it be for your child to get a letter back from the tooth fairy? To get started, you can use a tooth fairy letter template you can find online or create your own version.

What to Write

Never underestimate the power of advice from the tooth fairy. Of course, you want your letter to focus on the lost tooth and whatever gift or payment you choose to leave, but why not enlist the tooth fairy's help on other things. She could comment on the health and state of the tooth, providing the perfect opportunity to reinforce proper brushing and flossing habits.

Remember that your child has a lot of teeth to lose, so you don't want to try to cover everything in one letter. Leave yourself some material for the teeth to come. Save a copy, either handwritten or typed, of your finished letter, and next time, you will already have your own customized tooth fairy letter template you can follow. Just plug in any situation-specific information.

Elements of Design

Consider appearance when you are making your tooth fairy letter template. Decide how much work you want to put into it, keeping in mind that whatever you do for the first lost tooth your child will expect for all the rest. Decide whether you want to write the letter by hand in swirly writing or just type it using a script font. You can use plain white paper, or you can dress it up with patterned or pastel choices. If you really want to go all out with the presentation, include an envelope addressed to your child with the tooth fairy's return address.

The Finishing Touches

The right presentation can take your letter from basic to fantastic. Consider dusting the letter with glitter or using footprint stickers to leave fairy tracks in your child's room next to the bed. Thinking outside the box and getting creative will ensure that your child remembers these special visits from the tooth fairy forever. You may also want to encourage your children to practice their manners by writing the tooth fairy thank you notes for her time and her gift.

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