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Use A Tooth Fairy Certificate To Make Your Child Smile

Whether your little ones are feeling worried or excited about losing their baby teeth, you can make the process much more fun by giving them a special way to commemorate the occasion. A tooth fairy certificate not only helps your child take pride in the fact that he lost a tooth, but it serves as a keepsake that documents when and how the milestone took place. For ideas on the best times to provide a certificate to your child, take a look at the following tips.

First Lost Tooth

Children begin to lose their baby teeth when they are about six years old. At such a young age, the idea of losing a tooth can be confusing and frightening. If your child is scared or nervous about the process, give him a certificate that notes the date and other details about the tooth loss, along with a few words about how brave he was.

This small step can not only encourage your child to think positively about the process of losing a baby tooth, but it may also give him a confidence boost the next time around.

Pulled Tooth at the Dentist

Occasionally, if your child's baby teeth aren't becoming loose and falling out on their own, your dentist may have to extract those teeth. If this is the case, ask your dentist to provide you with the tooth after it has been extracted so you can take it home for the tooth fairy to come that evening.

If the dentist doesn't provide you with the tooth and your little one is upset about not having anything to leave under his pillow, you can present him with a certificate noting that the tooth fairy did receive the tooth and will provide a special gift for him.

While these are great reasons to give your child a tooth fairy certificate, you certainly don't have to stick to these occasions. Anytime your child loses a tooth you can make the milestone more exciting by carrying out this fun and simple project.

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