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4 Tips on How to Be the Tooth Fairy

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The typical tooth fairy experience is when a child leaves their lost tooth under their pillow and then waking up to a small amount of money in its place. But being the tooth fairy for your child can be way more creative and magical! Read these tooth fairy tips so you can make your child's experience memorable and magical.

1. Leave Gifts

Leaving gifts such as treats, toys, or little books will thrill younger children and teach your older children that money isn't everything. Picking out a toy or gift your child will love will make your child feel special and teach them that the Tooth Fairy knows them like Santa Claus.

Remember that whichever "payment" for their teeth you choose, you may set expectations for future tooth fairy gifts.

2. Add to the Mystery and Magic of the Tooth Fairy

You can add an extra flair to the tooth fairy by leaving a little glitter, footprints, stickers, or a signature while your child is asleep. This will add to the tooth fairy visit and make it more magical. There are also little pillows or containers to put the tooth in or on for the special night to add to the excitement.

3. Write Notes From the Tooth Fairy

Use a special colorful pen, use nice handwriting and add some glitter as "fairy dust" in a note for your child. You can write encouragement for oral care or explain what the tooth fairy does with the teeth (be creative!).

4. Decorate a Tooth Fairy ‘Gift Box’ With Your Child

You can craft or purchase a tooth fairy box to put under the pillow or some other place in the bedroom. These can be decorated breath mint boxes, chapstick tubes, or any small container. Use markers, construction paper, tape, and glitter glue to personalize the container, so the tooth fairy knows whose it is. This is a fun activity to do with your child to get them excited for the tooth fairy. Your child puts the tooth inside the container and wakes up to the gift, money, and/or note inside.

How to Be the Tooth Fairy

Being the tooth fairy for your child can be fun and memorable. You can make crafts or letters to personalize the experience or add flair like "fairy dust" to make the tooth fairy more magical. The tooth fairy is often a rite of passage for children as they grow their adult teeth. You can only make the experience more fun with a little creativity.


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